Indarran Dynasty

Capturing Jarren Base

The Traitor Emerges

After capturing Whisper Base, the team picks up a distress call from Ranger 12. Her and her team were ambushed at Jarren Base, and have requested assistance from all other rangers in the area. The team naturally heads out immediately, General Bolan sending Team 2 to finish securing the area around Whisper Base. Along the journey, Amit mentions something about a betrayer showing themselves soon, but gives no other details.

Before getting to Jarren Base, the team finds where an ambush happened, with the dead body of a ranger, and a squad of obliterated scout troopers and their speeder bikes. Further down the road, they find a single Selonian holding her own against the base’s guards. She is Ranger 12, Shartaal “Char-Tail.” She explains that she stayed behind to let her team escape, one of the members seriously injured. Upon the orders of General Bolan, she joins the team to aid in securing the base.

Security in the base is tight, and the team battles their way into the inner halls, fighting small squads of stormtroopers when their stealth fails them. Char-Tail proves valuable, wielding her explosive arrows. Eventually, the party find their way to the Armory, where they discover another ranger hiding: Ranger 15 Kilana Ivox. She explains that she was part of Team 4, who were all captured while trying to assault the northern side of the base. She escaped during Team 1’s incursion and hid herself in the armory.

She was lying, and was in fact at traitor, a spy sent by Moff Gol to infiltrate the Ranger Corps and disrupt their operations. Unfortunately for her, Amit saw through the deception immediately, calling her out and raising weapons against her. She was prepared for the ruse failing, and set off a series of goo-mines that held the team in place while she made her escape.

Kilana managed to flee to the roof, where she fled the planet in a shuttle craft. With no means of taking the shuttle down or following, she successfully avoided capture, leaving the group to wonder just what she learned and where she headed. They knew they’d find out and see her again someday.

Returning down, the team finds the Brig, with two of the rangers that survived from Team 4 locked away, one very badly hurt. They assist them back to the medical facility, but dash off to complete their mission. Along the way, they spot a platoon of stormtroopers marching towards the south exit, where they’d entered. They heard fighting outside in the jungle, likely another team sent to aid. Using this distraction, the PCs sneak through the base and back to the roof. When back there, they find a bag that Kilana had dropped. Within the bag was the key to entering the highest level security doors.

Finally managing to gain entry into the command center, they find Commander Torren, the base’s commander, waited for them, along with two lesser officers and his personal body guard, a man in second-hand mandalorian armor and gear. After exchanging words, the commander orders his men to open fire.

The battle is brief, but violent. Blaster bolts and explosive arrows fly around the room, while those more versed in melee combat took the fight up close and personal. By the end, the commander was captured, and his men were dead. Unfortunately, in the fire fight, the main computer had been damaged, and further attempts to repair it only destroyed whatever hope there was of trying to retrieve data from it.

25 each (15 + 10 for Rank Up)

Amit: Ferver +2 (8)
Damian: Favor +1 (6)
Drax: Dutybound -2 (6)

Duty (Rank 0)
Amit: Tech Procurement +15 (33)
Damien: Intelligence +5 (30)
Drax: Combat Victory +10 (30)
Grip: Support +5 (20)

113, RANK UP! Gained +10 xp.
13 remaining Duty, reduced, split for 2 each.

Amit: -6 (45)
Damien: -6 (12)
Drax: +7 (52)



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