Indarran Dynasty

Capturing Whisper Base

The quest for independence begins.

The adventure begins with the entirety of the newly commissioned Indarran Ranger Corps. being presided upon by King Korvo, Count Voss, and General Meng. The whole event was being broadcast out to Sanga City.

After the presentation, the real work begins. General Meng calls the corps to order, assigning each member a number. Meng himself is Ranger 1. Following are the members of what he called Team 1: B1G-RP-c, Ranger 2. Drax Zahnar, Ranger 3. Amit, Ranger 4. And finally, Damien Trail-Blazer, Ranger 5.

General Meng calls Team 1 to the side and gives them their first mission. They are to infiltrate and take control of the Imperial communications outpost of Whisper Base. This task is crucial, as it cuts communication between any other bases on world, and prevents warnings of attacks or coordination between the imperial units on the ground. It also prevents any reinforcements from being called from space.

Due to the base’s air defense, the team is tasked with going in on foot. After a brief walk through the jungle, they find the base in question. Disabling external communications is a simple task, but infiltrating is much harder. A quick battle with sentries in the garage gives them the key cylinder they need to access the base. An unfortunate encounter with a cleaning droid delays them only for a few moments, though Drax takes an embarrassing wound-by-mop.

Inside the base, they manage to avoid detection by patrolling stormtroopers, only to find more guards awaiting at the turbolift up to the landing platform. Another brief fight ends, and the team rises to the platform. After taking out the pilot and platform’s guards, the team disables the Lambda class shuttle, preventing an easy escape for the base commander, Lieutenant Sarev.

Descending back to the base, the team encounters the patrolling stormtroopers and another firefight erupts in the hallways outside the command station. With all the troopers out of the way, Damien, frustrated by how long it was taking to enter the room, carves through the door using his lightsaber. Unfortunately, this gave Sarev enough time to flee through a hidden tunnel to the garage. One of the lesser officers breaks instantly and reveals of his commander’s flight.

Team 1 gives chase, finding the Lieutenant took one of the bases two AT-STs. Drax and Grip hop into the remaining AT-ST, while Amit and Damien take to speeders, and all begin a hot pursuit through the jungle. If Sarev reaches the unmanned comm array a short distance away, all is lost. And Sarev called for backup from the few remaining troopers in Whisper Base, as three Scout Troopers follow on speeders of their own. The battle is fierce but brief, with Sarev’s AT-ST taking a severe blow from Grip’s fine aim, erupting into a fireball and killing the officer inside instantly. The team makes short work of the scout troopers after.

Returning to Whisper Base, Damien proceeds to begin interrogations upon the few remaining imperials left in the base. He takes gleeful pleasure in bringing the men pain and fear. Unfortunately, one of the men is victim to his zealous behavior, dying without giving up information. Another dies after having been drained of any valuable information.

At this time, Team 3 contacts the base, calling for aid before being cut off. The team inform General Meng, who tells them that Gamma squad was sent to Jarren Base, the largest of the bases to be taken this day. He orders the team to make haste to aid the teams there. Taking the AT-ST and three speeders, the team set out to aid their new teammates, and turn a losing battle around.

15 each

Drax: Dutybound -2 (8)

Duty (Rank 0)
Amit: Tech Procurement +7 (17)
Damien: Intelligence +15 (25)
Drax: Combat Victory +10 (20)
Grip: Support +5 (15)

Amit: +1 (51)
Damien: -12 (18)
Drax: -5 (45)



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