Indarran Dynasty

Return to Iga-7

An unfortuante encounter

Returning to Indar, the General reviews what they have learned, and instruct them to find this base at Iga-7, wipe out any and all of the pirates there, capture the commander, and hold the base until they can send a tech team to pull the data from the computers. And to watch out for Sectoids.

The flight to Iga-7 is uneventful, but upon an approach to the base, the team learn several things. First, the base looks to be a smaller version of Hastor base. An old, abandoned imperial outpost. Second, that there is only a single, unique ship on the base’s roof-top landing platform. Black and slick, seating only a single pilot, with a bird-like design. And third, the base is still occupied by someone. The defense turrets come to life, shooting at the approaching team. Damien and Drax are hit, but Amit is shot down. Surviving the crash landing with only a few bumps and bruises, Amit and team must now make a trek to the base on foot.

Or they would, if the pirates didn’t deliver them a quartet of swoops. The riders are easily taken off the mobile gifts, and the team ride to the base quickly. After a less than impressive display of his lack of flying prowess again, Amit kills the swoop meters from the base’s garage, and is met by laughter of the pirates inside. Amit deals with this accordingly. After the fight, the team storms the base, finding the gunnery station and killing the gunners inside to prevent any other ships from being shot down. Next stop was the command center. The lack of pirates ambushing the team in the halls tipped them off that it would likely be a massive army waiting for them there.

The team isn’t wrong, but what they find is still not what they expected. The entirety of the pirate crew that was waiting in the command center are slaughtered. Cut to pieces by a lightsaber, including the commander. Upon inspection of the commander, Drax and Grip realize that it is another of the former rebel attackers from 12 years prior. The turbo life to the roof landing platform is also here, and the team see a single figure in a black cloak and turban waiting for them on one of the surveillance monitors.

Reaching the roof, the man is getting his ship ready for flight calmly. Only after being called to does he acknowledge the team. The man is the same from the holo message found on the asteroid. The man in the black turban. Again his face is obscured by the cloak and some mask that augments his voice. After a brief exchange of words, and taunting from the man, he promises to ‘go easy’ on the team. What follows is a loss for the team.

Despite putting up a decent struggle and holding their own for a prolonged period of time, the man in the black turban handles the team with ease. It becomes quickly apparent he is merely toying with them for his own amusement. After Drax is rendered unconscious and the rest of the team bombarded by waves of dark side force attacks, they are flung from the roof to the ground below. All but Grip are unconscious by the end, the man flying away to parts unknown.

Near a day later, Team 2 comes in a shuttle, sent by the General when no word was sent of the base’s capture. Thanks to the efforts of Grip, the team is stable and conscious, but left licking their wounds. They are escorted away back to Hastor base, along with most of the pirate base’s computer data, and eventually the computers and parts themselves. All valuable.

While recovering back at base, the team learns the information gained from the computer data. Very valuable indeed. They learn that the pirate home base is in orbit around Ve, the 7th and last planet in the indar system. They also find several transmission from the pirate leader, Glex. The last two messages are of special import.

“Thayn is not happy that the nest was destroyed by the Rangers. That’s a lot of pay we just lost. Next time when I say guard something, I mean guard it. Don’t just send a single group of you drunkards out there to watch it between naps!”

The last message is shorter, but more ominous.

“Alright you sorry sacks, you’ve really landed in it this time. Triizen is coming. So be on your best behavior!”

Also of note is something found embedded deep within the communication files. A heavily encrypted series of messages hidden behind other messages. Most are nearly impossible to decode without weeks or work, or knowing the code. But what was found seems to originate from the base’s commander, the man who was one of the rebel attackers. They mention details about the pirates activity dating back before the partnership with Gol was broken. They mention Glex, Triizen, Thayn, and Umbris all by name, but little details are about any but Glex. Triizen is somehow pulling his strings, and Thayn is paying well for biological samples from all over the Indarran sector. Little mention of ‘Umbris’ other than it is someone to be feared.

The heavily encrypted files all read like spy code, but who it is for is impossible to tell, as codenames are used. The spy used X7-R7, and the recipient is only referred to as ‘Nest.’ At the suggestion to look for any similar signals, the General says not to bother. Any spy network will know when a cell goes down and will immediately scrub all similar styles of communication, if they were even using any similar styles, which they likely weren’t.

The General also informs the team that they’ve been given new privileges for their efforts. An increase in pay, as well as access to a medical facilities provided by Justal Manufacturing to aid in cybernetic-biology and robitics. Fixing damaged cybernetic limbs, droid parts, and installing any augments the team chooses with no fee. In addition, access to more advanced upgrades for cybernetics (rarity reduction). They also donated a generous supply of bacta for the medbay for those choosing to remain ‘pure.’ So the medical fees that had been building have been eased substantially. However, they could not wave the debt already owed to them previously.



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