Last of Amit (151st of Amit)

Ranger 4


151st of Amit, Last of Amit.

Tall and somewhat imposing, appearing more droid than man already due to a mechanical gender-neutral voice, obvious cyber not being coating in synth-skin, and a full helmet.
Like all Gank’s, Amit’s face is covered by a helmet that is never removed, so none ever truly see their face. The cybered eyes being the only thing that can be peered through Amit’s helmet. Amit also dons a heavy padded loose fitting lab coat that buttons at the right shoulder of charcoal grey. This hangs by the shoulders as if a size or two too big and shows off the two bare cybered arms. The two thigh high slits of the coat, on either side start just above the ankles and reveal, when he moves, black clothing underneath with leather boots that disappear into them littered with thin metal plates.

Amit speaks with an odd modulation, not just by making his voice sound a mechanical gender-neutral but by referring to himself often as ‘this one.’ Like all Gank, Amit also seeks to ‘perfect’ himself through cybernetic modification.


Almost hearing the shock coloring Amit’s voice, confesses Ranger 5 had impressed god. After Pinkie inquires on this Amit hands over a datapad saying nothing more.
This is what was on the datapad:

Ametynn, the Crystal Emissary
and Amit, prophet of Crystal

My hands made of flesh,
my fingers fashioned of bone.

And who will declare it for my Lord?
The Lord himself; it is he who speaks, who listens.

It was he who came to us with his message
and we who took from him his vessel,
and yet he who chose me.

My clan were less impure than me,
but the Lord was not pleased with them.

I had gone to meet the Great Shining Being of Metal,
and was awed by him and horrified by the curses thrown by my coterie.

But the destruction of his vessel slowed him little;
Crystal flew out and I grabbed it, placing it about my Neck.
Then, it was, he had made me, an impure being, still mostly of flesh, his prophet.

Last of Amit (151st of Amit)

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