B1G-RP-c "Grip"

Ranger 2


B1G-RP-c “Grip”
Body Guard first run, Royal Palace, custom model.

Tall, sleek, fast. Grip is a custom made model droid bodyguard. Programmed to be ideal with pistols, thanks to some influence by Gala, his ward, he ‘learned’ to be more flashy with his style, preferring two pistols.

Grip is a jovial droid, having picked up much of his ward’s prankster nature during the years of watching him, and has retained much of it even over a decade later.


One of the original BG droids droid manufactured by Justall, Grip was made for the youngest son of Korvo, Gala, as the young boy was the most rambunctious of the children and most prone to getting into trouble. Grip was tasked with trying to keep an eye on the boy as he grew, and keep him safe. To that end, he did a very good job… until Gala found out how to turn Grip off.

At the behest of his sister, Gala turned Grip off one day in 8 BBY and snuck out of the palace. That day, Gala was killed during a failed sabotage by Rebel agents. Grip was never punished, as he was deactivated by Gala during the event. Instead, Gala was granted the status of a free citizen.

As Grip was made specifically for bodyguard purposes, he has many failsafe systems built in. His memory cannot be easily accessed by normal means. Erasing his memory is very hard, requiring a specific access key to allow. This key has been changed by Nadir, and only a few people know it. Otherwise, Data is backed up through redundant systems, making a memory wipe near impossible. Grip even possesses a low-level self-repair system.

As Grip has worked closely with the Royal Family for almost 20 years (being commissioned to be built by them), he was naturally an early choice for the Ranger corp.

B1G-RP-c "Grip"

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