Shartaal "Char-Tail"

Ranger 12


Gender: Female (sterile)
Species: Selonian
Age: 31

Tall, standing around 6’ 2", she is a Selonian. Covered head to toe in light brown fur, except for the tip of her tail, which is dark brown to almost black, as if it was burnt. This, along with her accent and penchant for explosives, has gained her the nickname ‘Char-Tail.’


First exiled from her home. Shartaal’s den was the victim of a natural disaster. A devastating earthquake caused a massive cave-in, resulting in the flooding of the den and the deaths of most of her entire clan. Shartaal was one of only a dozen of her clan to survive. Unlike most, she chose not to join to another den, as she’d just be an outcast anyway, so instead took to the stars. She quickly discovered the atrocities the Empire was causing, and joined the fledgling Rebel Alliance.

However, even the Alliance was not as altruistic. After a diplomatic mission to Indarra, trying to get the royal family of Indarra to join their cause, agents of the rebellion attempted to blow up the factory on the planet and killed many civilians, including the youngest prince, Gala. Enraged by the act of sensless violence, and even more at her superiors for allowing agents in such a way when they were on a mission of peace, she abandoned the rebellion, swearing an oath to the Indarran royalty to make amends for the actions of those she once called allies.

Following the attack, she aided the Indarrans in trying to clean up the aftermath of the failed bombing attempt. Unfortunately, she found one of the undetonated bombs. A failed attempt to disarm the bomb caused it to explode, taking a portion of the building. While she managed to save those with her, including Gavin Highrider, the CEO of Justal Manufacturing, she was still caught in the explosion. Shrapnel shredded her arm and debris crushed her legs, leaving her in critical condition.

Following this, as thanks for saving her life, Gavin aided her by giving her replacement legs and arm. When she recovered, he hired her on as his security specialist, using her knowledge of sabotage to help prevent such events from happening in the future. This also helped to hide her from the imperials, as she had once been a Rebel Agent, and the Empire does not forgive as easily.

It was Gavin that recommend she join the Ranger Corps. when the call was put out, and she was more than happy to serve her new ‘den’ more openly. She now serves proudly as Ranger 12.

Shartaal "Char-Tail"

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