Count Virin Voss

The Adviser


Count Virin Voss

The Adviser to King Korvo

Gender: Male
Species: Human
Born: 53 BBY
Age: 59

A man who has seen battle, he bares a scar on his face, his right eye having been blinded in the Separatist attack in 20 BBY. He speaks calmly and quietly, but always with purpose. His missing right eye has since been replaced with a cybernetic prosthetic to restore his vision to normal.


Virin is the son of Seth Voss, adviser to King Vega before Korvo took the throne. He grew up close to Korvo, the two of them sharing a bond and a love for Indarra, but unlike Korvo, Virin has always been a more reserved man, speaking only when he has something important to say.

After the death of King Vega, Seth stepped down as adviser, and Virin took his place instead, as Korvo had always trusted the man’s opinions. Virin proved himself a good adviser, his suggestions frequently aiding the sector in great ways. In 8 BBY he proved himself a solid tactician when he discovered the plot by the rebels to destroy the Justal Manufacturing plant. Despite not being able to stop the rebels’ escape, or the death of Gala that happened in the process, he had prevented far more casualties by preventing the plant’s destruction. He even earned the praise of Bolan Meng.

When the Empire started to crumble, Virin was one of the few that had suggested that Indarra not break all ties with the Empire so quickly, as the Empire may be weakened but is still a great force in the Galaxy. He was, however, solidly against joining the New Republic. Once the choice was made to become independent, he supported it and his king’s choice. He also supported the choice for the formation of the Indarran Ranger Corps. though he doesn’t seem to hold them in high regard. He has argued that so many foreigners shouldn’t be allowed to join an elite police force. The loyalty of too many would be in question.

Count Virin Voss

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