Drax Zahnar

Ranger 2


Drax, son of Brace, clan Zahnar. Descended of noble Mandalorians, he looks the part. Standing taller than most, with an impressive frame to go with the build.

Loyal and honorable, Drax fights for his home’s independence as fervently as any other true son of Indarra would, with the ferocity of his Mandalorian heritage.


A man loyal to Indarra since his youth. His ancestors proudly aided Indarra in times past, and Drax has taken the mantel of such responsibility upon himself in turn. Joining the palace guard at a young age, he befriended the young prince Gala and princess Nadiirn easily, though both did constantly pull pranks on the young guardsman often. Bolen Meng, then guard captain, saw potential in Drax, and saw to his training along with other recruits to the guards.

During the rebel incident in 8BBY, Drax was unfortunate enough to witness the death of prince Gala during the rebel’s panicked flight out of Sanga City. His girlfriend also died in this attack. As a result, Drax has vowed he will seek revenge on the agents responsible for the deaths of those close to him.

When it came time to start the Ranger Corps, Drax was of the first names selected among the guards for the honor, picked personally by Meng, now General of the corps. Alongside Grip, the two are the first true Indarrans to join the corps, and serve as an example of loyalty and honor, to be shining examples of the Indarran people.

Drax Zahnar

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