General Bolan Meng

Ranger 1 - Head of the Indarran Ranger Corps.


General Bolan Meng

Head of the Indarran Ranger Corps.

Gender: Male
Species: Kel Dor
Born: unknown
Age: unknown

Of average height and build, his skin a mottled orange. Typical of Kel Dor in oxygen-rich atmospheres, he constantly wears a face-protecting mask that covers his mouth, nose and eyes. This allows him to survive in the otherwise toxic atmosphere, and adds a modulation (and increased volume) to his voice, as well as providing him with proper eye-sight. The mask is almost grafted to his face, making it nearly impossible to remove without his consent.


Bolan Meng has served the Indarran Dynasty for over 30 years. He started out as a simple palace guard, but proved his worth during the Separatist invasion of 20 BBY when he saved Korvo’s life. He was rewarded then by a promotion to guard captain. He later became head of the guard, becoming one of Korvo’s most trusted soldiers. His greatest regret is Gala’s death in 8 BBY, even though he was not directly involved in the conflict that took place in the city. Even so, he was unable to capture the rebels that had killed the young prince. To this day, he wishes to bring those individuals to justice, should they still live.

When it came time to start the Indarran Ranger Corps. there was no question who would be appointed as the commander of the force. Bolan was again promoted to the rank of General, and has been tasked with recruiting, organizing, and leading the fledgling military force. A task he accepts with honor.

He is a fierce combatant, wielding his custom pistols in battle with the kind of skill that many bounty hunters would envy. His Antitox mask and heavy armor only add to the menacing look, but when not dealing with criminals he isn’t quite as harsh as his persona may seem. Strict but just, he rewards those that serve him well, always one to reward deeds and respect only those who have earned his respect. To that end, he still somewhat mistrusts the crown prince Korvo II, and has little tolerance for Nadiirn’s antics.

General Bolan Meng

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