Kilana Ivox

Former Ranger 15, Spy


Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 22

Built lithe, she is quite agile, though this may also be due to her augmentations. She has silver hair, having lost its color long ago as a child due to a tragic incident.


Kilana acted as one of the new Rangers for the corps. However, this was a ploy! She was a spy for Moff Gol, gaining as much intel as she could about the corps. She was also tasked with halting their initial incursion as soon as possible. The easiest way was setting up an ambush at Jarren Base. This succeeded in killing two rangers and getting two more captured. She nearly captured Team 1, but her deception was seen through and she was forced to flee the planet.

Since fleeing Inda, her current whereabouts are unknown.

Kilana Ivox

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