King Korvo Nax

King of the Indarran Sector


King Korvo Nax

King of the Indarran Sector and patron of the Indarra Dynasty.

Gender: Male
Species: Human
Born: 54 BBY
Age: 58

Average height and build, Korvo is not a frail man. He is well loved by his people, as he has always sought to be a protector and just ruler. He is a man driven by the love of his home. However, he is not without his vices and failings. He has a long memory, and holds a grudge to those he feels wronged him and his people.


At age 34, he was crowned king during the chaotic civil war later known as the Clone Wars, his father was killed during a Separatist attack on the capital city. He allied with the Republic at the time, who had successfully driven the droid army from his home. Once king, he learned of the rampant corruption within the Senate from his representative, and grew to regret taking a side. When the Republic reformed into the Empire, he grew wary, but had no way or breaking away at this point. He witnessed much of what the Empire did to bring those that did try to break away “back into the fold.” He had no wish for such atrocities to happen to his beloved home. He still did what he could to keep his people safe.

When the Rebellion started, some of his advisers (and one of his children) urged him to join in, but he refused to join an open war that would only bring death and a tighter grip on his home. Even so, Indarra was a target for the rebels, as the industry would benefit the Alliance. When he refused them, some tried to take his world by force. Korvo’s youngest son, Prince Gala, died in one such raid. Overcome by grief and anger, Korvo asked for aid from the Empire. He allowed Imperial outposts to be built throughout the sector, much to his chagrin.

When the Alliance struck the devastating blow to the Empire at Endor, Korvo seized the opportunity of the chaos to officially break away from the Empire, declaring the Indarran Sector independent. Still remembering what the Alliance did, he refused to join their newly founded New Republic vehemently.

However, independence came with a price. Criminals flood to independent worlds to start crime organizations to take advantage of the chaos. Pirates run rampant through trade lanes. And worst of all, former Imperial generals proclaimed themselves warlords and attempted to carve out their own kingdoms. To fight the growing threats, Korvo and many of his advisers put out word to start a new corps of protectors. The Indarran Ranger Corps.

King Korvo Nax

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