Moff Heath Gol

Ex-Governor of the Indarra Sector


Moff Heath Gol

Ex-Governor of the Indarra System, Imperial Warlord

Gender: Male
Species: Human
Born: 51 BBY
Age: 55

Tall, balding, but still impressively built and imposing. Gol is a cruel man who always had a vicious side to him, which has become more prominent now that he has decided to make his own empire.


Gol was the Moff appointed to the Indarra sector in 15 BBY. He was appointed as sector Governor, to rule along side King Korvo in the interests of keeping the rebel alliance out of the sector. He also assigned a garisson to the planet after the incident in 8 BBY. He also directly oversaw Korvo II before he allowed the man to resign. Gol kept in touch with Korvo II, using him as a spy within the palace.

When the Empire fractured, Gol chose to become a ruler of his own little corner of the galaxy. He’d been on his own for years anyway, and since he was already governor, he figured it would be easy. Unfortunately, the Indarra Dynasty announced their independence before he could announce his own. Furious, he declared open war on the Indarra Dynasty, proclaiming he would bring all of the might of the Imperial Navy to bare on the capital city Sanga. And he fully intends to do that… after he manages to get any kind of navy to send.

Cut off from the Empire entirely now, Gol must grow his power on his own. He is not a stupid man, and knows an open war with the people of Indarra right now will end in a crushing defeat for him. So he has established a base at [REDACTED] until his forces are strong enough for the march.

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Moff Heath Gol

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