Queen Nadir Halith-Nax

Queen of the Indarran Sector


Queen Nadir Halith-Nax

Queen of the Indarran Sector and matron of the Indarra Dynasty

Gender: Female
Species: Human
Born: 50 BBY
Age: 54

Despite her looks slowly fading as she ages, she is still considered quite beautiful. Tall and slender, she keeps a regal air about her at all times, insisting on remaining proper in all things. However, while this may come off as cold to some, she is caring at heart, and is fiercely protective of her children. She still bares a great sadness over the loss of her youngest son, Gala.


Despite being born a commoner, her father, Friida Halith, was one of the advisers to King Vega Nax Indarra. As such, she spent much time at the royal palace, and it was there that she met a young Korvo, then crown prince. They became fast friends as children, and closer as they grew older. They married in 31 BBY (Korvo age 23, Nadir age 19). She soon had three children, Korvo II, Nadiirn, and Gala.

In 20 BBY, her father was killed in the same Separatist attack that also killed King Vega. She accepted her crown as Queen with a heavy heart. As queen, she watched as the Republic crumbled during the war, transformed into the Empire, and became even more militaristic. Then, in 8 BBY, her youngest son, Gala, was killed during a raid by rebels trying to take control of the planet’s industrial complexes. This was the second family member to die in an attack during a galactic war, and it nearly destroyed her. She became distant and isolated herself from the public while she grieved. She kept her son’s former bodyguard droid B1G-RP-c, giving him independence as a free citizen, and ensuring he would never have his memory core erased.

When the Empire lost at the battle of Endor, she openly agreed with Korvo’s move to break away from the corrupt Empire. When they refused to join the New Republic soon after, she gave an impassioned public explanation.

“Enough war has been brought to Indarra over the past few decades because of corrupt governments trying to do what they think is best for the galaxy. We will not allow this anymore! Coruscant does not know what the people of Indarra need. The people of INDARRA know what the people of Indarra need! As of this day, we will be our own rulers for the first time in over 1000 generations!”

She later aided in the formation of the Indarran Ranger Corps, insisting that B1G-RP-c join the rangers.

Queen Nadir Halith-Nax

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