Justal Manufacturing

Founded in 1530 BBY, Justal Manufacturing is the largest industrial organization in the Indarra Sector. The main offices are located in the capital city of Sanga on Inda, but production facilities are scattered all across the system. Unfortunately, not all are currently under the control of the Indarran Dynasty and the Justal Manufacturing Council of Investors, more commonly known as the JMC.

The JMC is made up of several individuals, most of whom are secret to the public, with only Gavin Highrider, the current CEO, known widely. Gavin has always been a staunch loyalist to Indarra, and is a firm supporter of the Indarran Ranger Corps. He’s even gone so far as to offer the use of some of his facilities for the production of gear for the rangers… provided they prove themselves first. The JMC requires those that request their services to have a proven record of success before anything above civilian resources is granted.
GM NOTE Mechanically, this means the group must have a commendation rank of 2 before anything good is available to be acquired.

Justal Manufacturing has long focused on manufacturing droids, ranging from astrogation droids to protocol droids. During many of the skirmishes with pirates and other criminals, Justal has periodically manufactured battle droids. This has led to their current popular line of bodyguard droids, dubbed the J-BOD models. Each J-BOD is custom made to unique specifications and comes with a hefty price tag. They also have started working on cybernetic limb and organ replacements, to aid in many victims of the prolonged wars that have ravaged the sector and galaxy as a whole.

Justal Manufacturing was the reason for much of the conflict int he Indarran Sector over the past two decades, though by no fault of their own. The Separatists, seeking more manufacturing plants to bolster their droid army’s numbers, attempted to take over many of the plants, to varying degrees of success. The biggest and most costly conflict was the Siege of Sanga City in 20 BBY. A prolonged attack on Sanga City that resulted in some 50,000 lives being lost before the Republic troops finally managed to drive back the invading droid army. Ironically, this boosted the sales of J-BOD droids.

In 8 BBY, Justal Manufacturing was again the reason for a costly attack. Rebel agents, desperate to keep the manufacturing plants out of the hands of the Empire, attacked the main headquarters in Sanga City. The resulting fight that ensued resulted in the death of Gala Nox, youngest son of King Korvo Nox. Gala’s own J-BOD was not present at the time. The death was tragic, but Justal Manufacturing and the JMC were not blamed. Instead the blame and ire fell upon the rebellion, and later the New Republic it helped to create.

Justal Manufacturing was one of the most vocal companies in support of both Indarran Independence, and the formation of the Indarran Ranger Corps. Gavin Highrider himself personally donated much of his private funds to aid in starting the corps. Plans are in the works to aid the corps. further in the future, but as much of the industrial network has been disrupted by pirates and other criminals, along with Moff Gol’s forces, the work is slow and limited.
GM Note Guess what that means.

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Justal Manufacturing

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