The Indarran Dynasty


The Galactic Empire has lost its leadership! The deaths of the Emperor Palpatine, Lord Vader, and most of the military’s top leadership at the battle of Endor has devastated the Empire! The Alliance has formally established the New Republic, and tries desperately to convince worlds to join them and fight the remains of the Empire.

However, not everyone in the Galaxy wants to join the New Republic, fearing that they may end up just being as corrupt as the Old Republic, or simply collapse as the Empire regains its strength to counter attack. The war rages on. Many of the previous military leaders have broken away to become warlords of their own kingdoms, and other systems choose to remain apart entirely, becoming independent of either the Empire or the New Republic. This is a time of true chaos throughout the galaxy.

The mid-rim system of Indarra, ruled by a dynastic family, has chosen to remain independent, as they trust neither side. However, Indarra is a seat of industry within the mid-rim, and many eyes already look to the system. Some look to aid the system’s independence, some seek it to join their cause, and some simply look to abuse the chaos and loot what they can.

In response to the growing threat, the Indarran ruling family has put out a call to all those loyal to the dynasty to join their newly formed elite Indarran Ranger Corp to aid in the defense of the system. Peoples from all over heed the call, from former smugglers and criminals wanting to earn an honest living, to civilians wishing to become greater, to even former enemies joining the cause now that they have no cause of their own. Will it be enough to bring Indarra the independence it so craves, or will the sector simply be another battle ground once again…

Indarran Dynasty

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