Indarran Dynasty

Ranger Base 001

Beasts Attack

The team captured Jarren Base. General Bolan arrives, followed by personnel from the Palace, along with Count Virin Voss. Clean up starts. General Bolan gives everyone their pay (10K each). Amit leaves to ‘settle a debt’ in Sanga City.

The first order of business is interrogating Commander Torren. Damian and the General both use their experience and training to get information out of the commander pertaining to Moff Gol and to the traitor Kilana.

Moff Gol fled the system. Torren and his underlings were the last group loyal to Gol left on Inda. Torren also tells that Gol tried to strike a deal with local pirates in the system, but that this fell through when the Empire lost at Endor. The Pirates took the opportunity to seize the chaos in the ranks of Imperials and drive them from the system. Torren did not say where Gol fled to, only that he is still within the sector somewhere.

As for Kilana, he tells much more. She was indeed working for Torren to infiltrate the Rangers and alert him of the impending attack, and work to sabotage it from within the ranks. She was responsible for the capture of her team and the ambush on Char-Tail’s team. He tells that she gave all the information to him that she’d acquired about the rangers. Finally, he drops the information that she wasn’t HIS agent, but working directly under Moff Gol himself. Gol knows everything that he knows thanks to her. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know where she fled to, either.

Deeming the information worthy so far, the General leaves Torren to stew in his cell for a while, processing the information gained before trying to get more, and allowing Torren to loosen his tongue a little. Clean up of the base runs smoothly, with Team 1 wandering the perimeter to find any other weaknesses or issues. Attacked briefly by wild creatures, they fend off the attacks and alert the General as to the situation of wildlife so near the base. They also find the AT-ST they’d taken to the base, without power but undamaged. Along with it, the scrap of the speeder bikes Char-Tail destroyed. They call for a collection team for the mechanics and scrap.

Back at the base, several days later, they go to interrogate the Commander again, only to find him and the guard posted dead, attacked by Jungle Rats that chewed their way in through the ceiling, destroying power cables for the cell’s force field emitters. Damian takes the blame, as he left water to drip from the ceiling, likely weakening it enough that the rats could chew through so quickly. Count Virin takes up the investigation into foul play personally, obviously hoping to find something to frame Damian for further.

However, despite Damian accepting responsibility for the mishap, General Bolan instead gives him and his team another mission. Something menial as a punishment. They are to go to Sanga City and make contact with an underworld dealer of droid and ship parts. A bothan that goes by the name ‘Shadowfur.’

After some shopping, droid upgrades on Grip, and an ambush at the royal palace by Nadiirn (who clung to Drax rather tightly) the team continue on towards the warehouse they were told Shadowfur worked out of. The General had lost contact with Shadowfur some 3 weeks prior.

Upon arriving at the warehouse, they find the inside utterly destroyed and the remains of 2 dozen swoop gang members, and almost as many droids. The gang members all wear the symbol of a Delnari, a local wild beast, ringed in fire. The droids all look to have been taken out by a lightsaber. The bothan is nowhere to be found. A search reveals a safe that had been blown open, the only thing inside a datapad. Upon the datapad was a recording.

The video starts simply enough. Facing towards the main door, positioned in a way to see anyone that walks in. However, what follows next is the door’s explosion inward from a shaped charge on the other side, sending the door flying inward and slamming on the wall under the camera. This knocks the camera loose, sending it crashing to the ground in a dizzying spin and tumble. One the camera finally comes to a halt, it is on its side. The swoop gang has spilled into the warehouse and opened fire on the small army of droids activating to protect their master. Someone shouts something “Give up, Shadowfur, and this will end much sooner!” His voice calm but loud enough to be heard over the constant blaster exchange. The only response is a voice obviously augmented by some cybernetic modulation. “NEVER!”

As the battle progresses, the droids pick off the gangers one by one, sending them tumbling to the ground. One of the bodies lands on the camera, rendering the video useless, but audio still records. As the audio is still clear, it seems the camera had a separate mic somewhere. The blaster fire is suddenly joined by another familiar sound, one that is immediately recognizable: the tell-tale snap-hiss of a lightsaber igniting. The sounds of the blade are heard swishing through the air as it cleaves through the droids one by one in rapid succession.

Eventually the battle ends and the sounds of the firefight end with the lightsaber deactivating. There’s the sound of groaning from the injured swoop gangers that didn’t die. Soon, the video comes back on as the body that was laying on the camera is rolled over. “Nah, this one’s dead, too.” Says someone. “What do we do with the bothan?” The response is the same calm voice as before. “Bring him to the base.” “Why?” The response is met with a sigh. “So we can serve him Correlian tea, give him our Jylan Jaffa cakes, and exchange recipes for delightful dessert dishes. WHY DO YOU THINK, you space-brained twit?” The dumb gang member nodded. “Oh, right. To figure out where his stash of stuff really is.” The leader just sighed and motioned for the gang to follow. Those not dead were helped away, and one of them was carrying the very unconscious form of a bothan, though it was too hard to tell any details about him. The video keeps going after some time, going into a time-lapse mode while no movement is captured. It slows again after what it states as 3 weeks time, when it catches the PCs entering.

The team is told by the General to follow up on this. Shadowfur has valuable information and stock that the Ranger’s desperately need. And if there’s a gang that’s so bold as to do that level of attack in Sanga City, AND someone wielding a lightsaber, the team needs to follow up on it.

15 each

Damian: -2 Favor (4)
Drax: -4 Dutybound (2)

Duty (Rank 1)
Damian: +10 Intelligence (12)
Drax: 0 Combat Victory (2)
Grip: +10 Support (12)

Damian: -12 (0). Pure Darkside.
Drax: +5 (58)



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