Kat'ube Galaar

Old Adventurer


An older human with a grizzled grey beard and long, dirty, grey hair tied in a loose ponytail. Talks with a gruff voice, and drinks heavily. Possibly also does spice, or did at one time.

He typically wears a brown travelling cloak that looks to have seen better days and loose cloth clothing under it.

Heavily augmented, with scars from the surgery along his face and body.


Kat’ube Galaar, meaning ‘Old Hawk’ in Mando’a is an alias for Mythias Hawke, a former Jedi Master in the days before the Clone Wars. He has been haunted by a vision of his own death for nearly 30 years, and has been in hiding for most of it. He eventually made his way to Inda at some point in his past, and has been in hiding there, drinking his life away in anonymity.

When the members of Team 1 found him, he told them of a swoop gang they were looking for, and that they’d stolen something from him. Turns out that something was his unique lightsaber. A mandalorian design. He eventually joins the team, as ‘The Force told him to.’

His vision was of himself dying among the Indarran Rangers, killed by someone wielding a crimson blade. He doesn’t know who, or when. His view of the Force is mixed. Useful and powerful and everywhere, but with the personality of a child too smart for itself at times. Fickle and secretive and indecisive, and sometimes cruel for the sake of cruelty.

“The Force uses you as much as you use it. Maybe more.”

Kat'ube Galaar

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